These are the Services I Offer

All My Mountings are Handcrafted

All my mountings are precision, handcrafted one at a time and unique. They are completed to the highest standard, strictly in accordance with the applicable dress regulations. I use a thick inflexible backing material on all my medals versus thin plastic or cardboard that will bend easily. My Pins are countersunk through the backing and will not break off like the cheap glue on pins that some medal mounters use. The full Court Mounted medals are designed to be worn over undress ribbons on the CF Tunic.


Your Full size or Miniature medals can be Swing or Full Court Mounted with Four Felt backing colours, Red, Green, Blue and Black are available to enhance the appearance of your medals.

Here is a before and after picture of a recent mounting.


As with all my services, your personal preferences come first. All my work is guaranteed for one year from the date of Mounting.

Check out the examples of my Medals mounted, shadowboxes and all the other information on my website. Feel free to contact me at anytime.


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