These Prices are current as of 25 Sep 2015

All of my prices are in Canadian Dollars. Payment by Cash, Checque, Money Order, E-transfer or PayPal is accepted. Please Contact me for more info.

All my prices include full cleaning and polishing of your medals to "like issued" state if possible, There are some marks from time that cannot be removed.
Please contact me for details on Group Order Discounts.

Current Canadian Medals-Full-Size Medal Mounting and mounting of MID,Bars or Numerals - $10.00 each (Claimable for Currently Serving Members at a rate of $10.00 per medal and $10 each for each Bar/Numeral. All paperwork is supplied with your order so it can be submitted through your unit OR for reimbursement via CF52.) A full selection of Medal Devices are available also

Royal Canadian Army Cadet, Air Cadet and Sea Cadet Medals Full-Size (Court Mounted) - $12.00 each

Foreign Medals Full-Size and Miniature (Court or Swing Mount) - approx $14.00 each (prices may vary due to availability of ribbon and devices) Contact me for details

Royal Canadian Legion Medals - $12.00 each

World War II Medals - $14.00 each
World War I Medals - $15.00 each
Earlier or unique Medals are priced on a case by case basis.

Miniature Medals Canadian
Medals and Ribbon Supplied by recipient - $8.00 each for mounting
Nothing Supplied - $13.00 to $15.00 each to purchase the mini medal, $8.00 for each medal Bar ( SSM Nato CD1 etc.) and $8.00 each for mounting
Please Note that certain Miniatures will be more expensive such as VC MMM etc A complete detailed quote can be provided for your miniature medals, email me at anytime

Custom Made Undress Ribbon Bars mounted on plexiglass with felt backings - $5.00 per ribbon. $3.00-$6.00 each for acoutrement. I no longer produce Metal slide on Undress Ribbons

Contact me for Mounting of other medals and services,as some cases can be very unique.


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