World War One Memorial Plaque

Original WW I War Memorial Plaque=

These are photo's of an original hand carved WW I Memorial Plaque which I completely restored. It has the King's crown mounted over the Death Plaque and the backing resembles two draped flags, one on each side. Beside the flags are medal broaches from both the Victory Medal and the 1914/18 War medal. The Death Plaque is held in place by a solid wood ring and brass nails are used throughout.An armed soldier wearing a pith helmet and a sailor, have arms outstreched and "holding" both the Victory and war medals. A Tartan background was used to improve its overall appearance versus the original painted wood. All in all it is a quite impressive piece of history. It was in very rough shape when I first got it. Upon disassembling it, I discovered markings on the back of one of the soldier's reading "inside this carton is 25 of the worlds best" leading me to believe it was made out of cigarette cases. As I was restoring this piece, I made templates to allow me to produce copies of this unique memorial and I am now offering them for sale.

Soldier/Sailor holding medals Kings Crown and Death Plaque

To the left is a close up of the Soldier and Sailor. To the Right is a view showing the upper portion of the plaque.

Below are views of the front and back.

With Glass addedBack

I would like to express my greatest gratitude to the owner of this plaque for allowing me to restore this important family heirloom.


copyright Brad Young 2004