Sgt Aubrey Cosens VC Shadowbox Project

Sgt Aubrey Cosens VC Sgt Cosens Headstone Sgt Aubrey Cosens VC

Sgt Aubrey Cosens was awarded a Victoria Cross posthumously in 1945 for his actions during the Second World war. His VC citation from the London Gazette 18th May 1945: In Holland, on the night 25/26th February, 1945 the 1st Battalion The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada attacked the hamlet of Mooshof. Sergeant Cosens' platoon, with tanks in support, had as their objective enemy strong-points in three farm-buildings. They were twice beaten back and were then fiercely counterattacked. Their casualties were heavy, including the platoon commander killed. Sergeant Cosens assumed command of the few survivors of the platoon, and placed them so as to give him covering fire while he crossed open ground to the one remaining tank and directed its fire. After a further counter-attack had been repulsed, Sergeant Cosens ordered the tank to attack the three farm-buildings, the remaining men of his platoon following in close support. He himself entered the three buildings in turn, alone, and killed or captured all the occupants. Immediately afterwards he was shot by a sniper, and died almost instantly. His outstanding gallantry, initiative and determined leadership resulted in the capture of a position which was vital to the success of the future operations of the Brigade.

Sgt Aubrey Cosens VC medal group as I recieved them

Pictured above is Sgt Cosens VC group as I recieved them and below is the medal group after restoration and remounting. and after my restoration and remounting

Below are two Pictures of the completed Shadowbox.The shadowbox layout includes a copy of his citation, a memorial cross, Queens Own Rifles Capbadge and shoulder patch, his division patch, Sgts chevrons and a picture of his gravesite at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetary in the Netherlands. Plot VIII. row H. Grave 2.
Completed Shadowbox Closeup Another View with me

I wish to personally thank Thomas for choosing me for this project and for allowing me to use the image of these medals for my business.


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