Medal Display Case Royal Canadian Legion Branch 79

Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Normand-Guy Goudreau from The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 79 in St Jean-sur-Richelieu approached me to produce a display case for their 79th anniversary displaying his medal and the legions medal collection. The medals also needed to be mounted so they could be displayed correctly by era.The original display case would be used for the project and was in need of reorganization. Some elements from the display would be used in the new layout along with items donated or loaned for the duration of the display

Original display
 case containing some military memorobilia

Once all the medals were mounted properly, I produced a rough layout on paper of how the medals could be displayed, the branch was consulted and a final plan approved. Construction of the display boards and all hardware for mounting were constructed at home. Once they were completed they were installed during the evening so the construction would not interfere with normal legion business

The first board in position.
 At the end of the work day the case was left in a presentable state.
Construction continued working around and incorporating the black velvet backing

The project was completed to coincide with the start of the 79th Anniversary Celebrations.

the finished case

Pictures of the completed Display.

"The reflections are from the window directly infront of the case and could not be avoided"

Completed case viewed from straight on Completed case viewed from straight on
Viewed from the left and right
Left Right

"If your Organization is interested in a project of this nature, please contact me for more specific details."


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