Memorial Medals Display Case Branch 4 RCL

"No Job Too Big"

Original case holding World War One Medals,
 Miscellaneous Medals and Memorial Crosses Larger display case containg
 Post World War One Medals and other regalia

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 4 in Fredericton has maintained two display cases of medals of their Departed members for many years.I approached the Branch and was awarded the contract to refurbish the display cases and combine them into a more suitable display. The contract did not cover the remounting and refurbishing of the medals but that will come at a later date.

Once all the medals were removed from the cases they were cataloged and nametags produced for each medal group,repairs and polishing of a few sets that were in dire need of it was done. Next each era's set were laid out in appropriate order and then construction of the mounting board was started.
The inital layout of all 
the World War One Medals. The inital layout of all 
the World War One Medals.

A final Layout of six rows of medals laid out by era,ten feet long was decided on in the display case with a Legion Blue Backing. Recesses were cut into the backing boards so the medals would lay flat. Temporary name tags are attached beneath each medal and will be replaced with engraved Plaques in the future.

Finished Case Composite Picture

Pictures of the completed Display. Click on the picture for a larger version

"Below are pictures of each row. Click on a row for a larger pic and a description of each medal group"

Row One Board One. Row One Board Two.
Row One Board Three. Row One Board Four.
Row Two Board One. Row Two Board Two.
Row Two Board Three. Row Two Board Four.
Row Three Board One. Row Three Board Two.
Row Three Board Three. Row Three Board Four.
Row Four Board One. Row Four Board Two.
Row Four Board Three. Row Four Board Four.
Row Five Board One. Row Five Board Two.
Row Five Board Three. Row Five Board Four.
Row Six Board One. Row Six Board Two.
Row Six Board Three. Row Six Board Four.

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